About xnos Labs

Welcome to the xnos Labs pages. This website was created to act as a platform for our ideas and projects that evolved in the last couple of years. Over time, we will continue to add pages to this section and fill them. For now, we have three sections for you to visit:


WEF - Web Exploit Finder

The Web Exploit Finder is a proof-of-concept to detect automatic drive-by-downloads in a virtualized environment. The concept was originally created by Thomas Müller and is now a fully developed exploit-finding-architecture. [More]

Trusted Computing

Thomas Müller is giving a talk on "Trusted Computing mit Windows Vista" at the 10. Deutscher IT-Sicherheitskongress. More informations and documents are available. [More]


Liteshow - Javascript Slideshow

AJAX is the new hype and a lot of recent web applications are decorated with Javascript. There are also many Javascript slideshows available, but almost all of them feel still static and unintuitive in comparison to slideshows produced by desktop applications like iPhoto. For my student project I thought of designing a javascript slideshow framework with different views, dynamic preloading of images. A great source of inspiration if you have to do your programming homework. The idea was inspired through the AJAX developer Greg Hill as well as the Lightbox project. [More]



BlueLinux was a project at the Hochschule der Medien, Stuttgart. The result is a prototype for using a linux-based Compaq iPAQ that communicates with a proprietary hardware called "Micro BlueTarget" by SND over Bluetooth. [More]