Blue-Linux is the name of the software project of four students (Christoph Lindenmüller, Benjamin Mack, Thomas Müller and Boris Wüst) at the Hochschule der Medien (HdM), Stuttgart, Germany in winter 2004/2005 for their studies in Computer Science and Media. It is a prototype for using a linux-based Compaq iPAQ that communicates with a proprietary hardware called "Micro BlueTarget" by SND.

Project Goals

  • Installing a linux distribution (Familiar Linux with OPIE) on a Compaq iPAQ
  • Programming the SND Bluetooth Access Point for accessing the camera and for transfering data via Bluetooth)
  • Creating a graphical interface (Qt, C++) for controlling the Access Point via the PDA using the Linux Bluetooth stack "Bluez"
  • Writing a test application, controlled by the PDA, that takes a snapshot with the camera on the Access Point and transfers the picture via Bluetooth to the PDA, which sends the picture to a specified email address.