Our final application has the following workflow

  • The User operates on the PDA via the touch screen
  • The PDA (HP iPAQ 3970) connects to the Access Point (SND Micro BlueTarget) over Bluetooth SPP/RFCOMM
  • The User requests a picture from the camera module of the Access Point
  • The Access Point creates a JPG image
  • The Access Point sends the image via Bluetooth to the PDA
  • The PDA displays the JPG image
  • The User sends a signal to the Access Point that the picture should be sent to a given email address
  • The Access Point sends the JPG image, which is still in the memory, via its included LAN adapter as an attachment of an email (SMTP)
English Translation - 1. Request image - 2. Display image - 3. Trigger email - 4. Send email