BlueSnap - The GUI Application on the PDA

The GUI application is named BlueSnap and runs on the PDA. The functionality of the Console application has been taken to a graphical interface and supports now multitasking.

The QtEmbedded library is used for this, which is approx 95% compatible to the standard Qt library. The GUI software itself though is 100% compatible so that it is possible to run this program on a default Linux KDE System (with X-Server) without touching the code. The only thing to do is to replace the existing QtEmbedded library with the default Qt library and to compile it for a X86 system.

We are not publishing the source code for BlueSnap because the functionality itself is easier to read from the console application. However, if you are interested in the design, the multitask options or Qt programming in general please ask us to get the source code.

These are some screenshots of our GUI application BlueSnap: