TPM/J for Windows Vista

TPM/J is an object-oriented API for access to a Trusted Platform Module (TPM). TPM/J is devloped at the MIT, USA and is 100% Java. TPM/J can be seen as an inplementation of a Trusted Software Stack (TSS) but is intentionally not compliant with the TCG's TSS specifications. It can be used for easy testing and prototyping of Trusted Computing applications.
As part of his diploma thesis on Trusted Computing Thomas Müller ported TPM/J to Windows Vista. This was done by writing a proxy connecting the TPM/J driver architecture and the TPM Base Service (TBS) of Vista.

Vista TBS Proxy

The figure shows the TPM related services of Windows Vista. Using the TPM Base Service it is possible to use different TSS at the same time.

TBS Proxy


More informations on the project

Download of the latest version including Vista support