Key Features of Liteshow

  • Pure object-oriented and open-source JavaScript
  • Attachable to various server-side compartments (PHP, JSP or even static XML) since it only reads XML files and the referenced image files
  • Variety of views for displaying images
  • Dynamic preloading of next images with AJAX technology
  • Ease of use interface for the visitor (navigating with keyboard or mouse)
  • Builds on top of the famous javascript libraries prototype and script.aculo.us
  • Takes care of typical AJAX problems like the back-button-problem or bookmarking


For the next releases the following features are planned (no timeline yet).

  • Media RSS Feeds as input format
  • Optional forward / back buttons
  • Navigation via mouse wheel
  • Automatic rewind should be included again
  • Use of optional thumbnail files from XML for the browser images.
  • Browser details should be configurable (thumbnail size etc.)
  • Display of controls should be configurable.
  • Thumbnail bar on the bottom of the page.
  • HorizontalSlide: First image could start from mouseposition (like browser start)


For the TYPO3 extension, we have the following wish list:

  • Display DAM description or other fields instead of the title
  • User templates to render the thumbnails
  • Fix incompatibilities with pmkslimbox
  • Get back the hierarchy structure of the categories